Report of the Order of Surveyors participation at the XXIII FIG Congress 8-13 October 2006 Munich, Germany




Friday 6-10-2006: FIG council meeting

Saturday 7-10-2006: The Pre-Conference Workshop - History of Surveying and Measurement - Part

Sunday 8-10-2006: FIG General Assembly and Pre-Conference Workshop - History of Surveying and Measurement - Part 2


Monday 9-10-2006: Dr. Fadous & Dr.-Eng. Khaled Nabbout flew to Dresden to sign an agreement with “Dresden University of Technology” for further cooperation in the field of surveying (see Copy below). After introducing Dr. Fadous to several projects of the different Institutes at the faculty of Geo-Science, at 11:00 o’clock was the meeting with Prof. Buchroithner, the director of the Institute for Cartography to sign the Agreement. It followed a short introduction from Dr. Fadous about the role of surveyors in Lebanon and the interest in further cooperation with the Institute of Cartography. Prof. Buchroithner presented different projects of the institutes. The output of the meeting was to start latest in the next summer a workshop which should be followed by a short course at the Orders of Surveyors in Lebanon.

Tuesday 10-10-2006: The Opening ceremony of the XXIII FIG/InterGeo congress by: 


1. Mr. Hagen Graeff, President of DVW

2. Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Bavarian Minister President

3. Prof. Dr. Holger Magel, President of FIG

4. Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Long-time General Director of the United Nations Environment Programme

This was followed by different parallel technical sessions related to several topics in the geo-sciences field and surveying application like:

Disaster und Risk Management, Governance and Land Administration, Measurement, Upgrading Informal Settlements: Access to Human Rights and Finance, Landslide Control and Monitoring Surveys, Experiences in Land Administration Projects, this was followed by the Order of surveyors participants separately depends on the topics of interest


Wednesday 11-10-2006: President Dr. Sarkis Fadous was invited to lead the Francophone meeting and later we joined the Technical session of the congress program which was divided into several parallel technical sessions and the topics were selected to cover most of the GIS application and Spatial planning in addition to 3D Geodesy same as the Land Administration which was one of the most present topics during the congress at all.


Thursday 12-10-2006: In addition to the joining of the different technical sessions at the congress,

At 10:30 a meeting was organized by Dr.-Eng. Khaled Nabbout and Prof. Paul van der Molen from the Netherlands to discuss the possibility of establishing a research project between the Lebanese University and the International Institute for Geo-Sciences in Netherlands in the field of Land Administration. The negation is still going on between Prof. Prof. Paul van der Molen and Dr.-Eng. Khaled Nabbout.

At 12:00 a meeting was held between Dr. Fadous, Eng. Yaccoub Saad, and Dr.-Eng. Khaled Nabbout from the Order of Surveyors and Mr. Azizz El Hilali from the National Order of Surveyors and Topographers side with Prof. Stig Enemark one of the candidate for FIG president election (Prof. Stig Enemark was elected later on the new FIG president for 2006-2010). His plans for the coming 4 years were discussed and for strong coordination between the FIG and the Order of surveyors in particular and the Arab Union of Surveyors in General. 

I the afternoon President Dr. Fadous received a declaration from FIG President Prof. Holger Magel about “The Role of Surveyors in Topographic and Surveying Works and the Professional Requirements needed for Different Disciplines of Surveying”, The most important in the declaration content in addition to the Role of Surveyors description was the important role of the Order of Surveyors which mean in case any Lebanese professional association needs to join the FIG it should get first of all an recommendation letter from the Order of Surveyors since the Order of Surveyors is the only authority who represent FIG in Lebanon, same as from the Arab Union of Surveyors for the other Arabic countries.


Friday 13-10-2006: the day started with a FIG presidents meeting and later was the general assembly or the FIG members, open for the observer, during the general assembly:

A closing lecture by Prof. Dr. Holger Magel, President of FIG was presented discussing the output of the XXIII FIG congress. Later on the FIG members were announced for the election of the new president.

Prof. Stig Enemark was elected the new FIG president until 2010.

Some of the important events during the general assembly were the election of Dr. Dalal Alnaggar the director of the “Regional Centre for Training and Water Studies” and the vice president of the Arab Union of Surveyors as FIG vice president, the election of Morocco to organize the FIG 2011 meeting and the appointment of commissions chair for the next 4 years where Eng. Yaccoub Saad who was elected in 2004 as chair of commission 1 he was announced to take his responsibility for his position.  

At the end was the closing ceremony with the FIG 2010 party.


                                                                                          Dr.-Eng. Khaled El Nabbout

                                                                                   Braunschweig, Germany   05.12.2007