Report of the scientific committee participation in the “Spatial Information Management Toward Legalizing Informal Urban Development” in Athens 28-31 March 2007.



Dear Colleagues,


The scientific committee in the name of Lebanese order of Surveyors was represented by Surveyor Joseph Nassif and Dr. des Ing. Khaled Nabbout.

Below is detail description about the activities during the conference.


  • 27-3-2007: arrival and registration.


  • 28-3-2007: opening sessions by the FIG president Stig Enemark presenting the FIG work plan followed by presentation of Dr. Chryssy Potsiou FIG com3 chair and Mr. Makis Apostolatos com3 vice chair of Administration.

- Participation at the annual meeting of Com3 for future events and Dr. des Khaled Nabbout was accepted as the Lebanese delegates in the name of the orders Surveyors.

- A meeting with FIG President Stig Enmark and the plan about the planned seminar was discussed and Surveyor Joseph Nassif was recommended by President Stig Enmark based on his experience in Geodetic measurement to be a member of the Com 5 by contacting (FIG com5 chair)

- Presentation about the role of Visualization tools in Participatory urban planning by Dr. des Khaled Nabbout representing the Order of Surveyors and as part of research project done at the Dresden University of Technology and International Institute for Earth Observation and Geo-Sciences


  • 29-3-2007: Several lecture in the field of Land Information systems and informal settlement with the role of  Spatial data management were presented during the day and in addition to attending the different sessions, the planned seminar by the order of Surveyors with the support of the Dresden University of Technology in Lebanon was Introduced and special meetings considering the seminar topics were discussed with the following persons:

- Dr. Gabor Remetey (the  UN)

- Mrs. Vectoria Stanley (the World Bank)

- Prof. Michael Barry (Calgary University)

- Markku Villikka (FIG general Director)


  •  30-3-2007: the topics of the sessions were mainly directed to the role of e-governance and urban planning and property registration, after attending the different the conference ended by closing session with discussion about the method and at the possibility of legalising informal settlement and as summary the issues should be related to the case studies and we should benefit from the Spatial data tools to solve such issues.


  • 31-3-2007: The technical tour which was sponsored by technical chamber of Greek, in addition to participating in the technical tour a discussion about the strategic plan for the scientific committee for the further projects as the following:


- Prepare the seminar for the year with the support of the Dresden University of Technology

- Establishing a research project between the Dresden University of Technology and order of Surveyors

- Establishing institute which can offer in High degree in surveying


With the hope to reach our target and with the support of the Order of Surveyors we ask for facilitating all the bureaucratic issues with the benefit that the strategic plan will improve the knowledge of the Lebanese Surveyor.


With Kind and respect thank for supporting the first step.

                                                                                                                                            Joseph Nassif

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Khaled Nabbout